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Pension Plan Sponsors Slashed Contributions in 2019

Massive corporate pension system sponsors in 2019 contributed the fewest pounds to their ideas given that economic downturn-plagued 2008, according to an investigation by Russell Investments.

Russell commenced in 2005 to monitor a team of 20 publicly shown U.S. corporations with defined profit (DB) pension system liabilities exceeding $20 billion, dubbing it the “$20 billion club.” When many other ideas also now have liabilities over that threshold, Russell proceeds to aim on the first 20 club associates in purchase to aid observations and comparisons.

Final year’s system contributions by the 20 corporations totaled $eleven.nine billion, just a hair bigger than

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Italy’s Coronavirus Lockdown Met With Confusion, Questions About Enforcement

ROME—Italy’s effort to fight the worst coronavirus epidemic outside China by quarantining 17 million people began in confusion on Sunday, as transport services continued, enforcement wasn’t yet evident and Italians wondered how it was meant to work.

A government decree that took effect on Sunday bans people from entering or leaving large swaths of northern Italy, including the cities of Milan, Venice and Parma and much of Italy’s industrial heartland.

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Multiplex chains on overdrive to add screens next financial year

Multiplex chains are on an overdrive to add screens in the next financial year (FY) to boost revenue. It remains one of the few segments that has not been impacted much by the economic slowdown.

Leading multiplex chain owner PVR Cinemas, which opened 83 screens during 2019-20, has now set a target of 120-130 screens for the next FY. “Every three days a screen comes out from PVR. At this rate, we aim to add 120-130 screens every year,” said Pramod Arora, chief growth and strategy officer, PVR.

It now has 841 screens and

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Kavango Resources PLC’s new foray into the Kalahari copper belt won’t distract it from upside at KSZ

It’s an exciting addition to the () portfolio: a joint venture on two copper exploration licences just a few kilometres away from the ground famously worked up by MOD, Metal Tiger () and Sandfire ().

The formal joint venture was signed in mid-February following an initial memorandum of understanding that was agreed in September of 2019. But it’s not likely to end there.

“We’re in the process of putting together quite a substantial land package in that area,” says Kavango’s chief executive Mike Foster.

“We have plans to extend our ground holding further.”

Partly that’s because of the huge prospectivity

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MIT Creates Curved Breadboards that Speed Up Electronic Development

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“This is for when you have an plan of the last object”

MIT scientists have made a software design and style kit that can be made use of to speed up the development of prototype electronics. The software creates curved breadboards that have pinholes and connections mechanically mapped out.

Traditional breadboards are rectangular circuitry building templates that are made use of to make prototype electronics. Nevertheless, with the introduction of wearable sensible technological innovation that is curved or oddly shaped, rectangular breadboards are generally not fit for purpose as they don’t likely map how pinholes and connections

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