IAF tweaks its Mi-17 copters for locust fight

  To prevail over complications faced in locust-command operations due to inordinate delays in getting


To prevail over complications faced in locust-command operations due to inordinate delays in getting kits that can be mounted on Indian helicopters, the Indian Air Pressure has indigenously created and produced an Airborne Locust Management Process (ALCS) for Mi-17 helicopters.

The method, produced by IAF’s No. three Foundation Maintenance Depot in Chandigarh, which specialises in upkeep of Mi-17 copters, was effectively examined by a team of examination pilots and engineers of the Bengaluru-dependent Plane and Systems Testing Establishment by carrying out ground and airborne trials of ALCS on the modified Mi-17 helicopter, the Ministry of Defence stated in a statement.


“Using all indigenous parts, the atomised airborne spraying of pesticide has been effectively obtained in air by means of a configuration of nozzles mounted both equally sides on exterior trusses of a Mi-17 helicopter. The nozzles made use of for the function are a mix of commercially out there nozzles as well as the nozzles produced by CSIO (A Council of Scientific and Industrial Research lab dependent in Chandigarh),” the statement stated.

The pesticide Malathion in ideal focus would be filled in the inside Auxiliary tank of 800 litres capability equipped inside of the helicopter and pumped into the nozzles by employing an electrical pump as well as compressed air, obtaining nearly 40 minutes of spaying duration in the contaminated zone masking an location of about 750 hectares in each and every mission, it stated.

Anticipating locust assaults, the Ministry of Agriculture had signed a contract with M/s Micron, Uk to modify two Mi-17 Helicopters to spray atomised pesticide to arrest locust breeding, in Might. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Uk-dependent organization is not in a place to manufacture and source the modification package to the IAF just before September for method integration and screening. In the meanwhile, an unprecedented locust attack started out in the very last 7 days of Might and was rapidly spreading throughout a lot of States, the Defence Ministry stated.

The method is remaining supplied for use with Malathion for deployment in locust-command operations, the Ministry stated, introducing that ALCS will offer you inherent pros of in-property upkeep, upcoming upgradeability, and savings on overseas exchange as it is an indigenously produced method.