Hindsight bias says to abandon your plan. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Just about sixty years later, numerous believe that Decca should’ve regarded The Beatles’ expertise straight away and predicted their potential achievements. This is what’s termed “hindsight bias”—also known as the “I-realized-it-all-together phenomenon”2—a inclination to believe that we realized anything was heading to come about or that we essentially predicted it.

Hindsight bias exists prominently in investing.3 No subject the sector situations, there are generally messages from the media or the investing local community that a sector occasion, these as an severe drop or improve, was foreseen, possibly even obvious. If you start to believe that you’ve skipped

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Innovation, with a Decade’s Hindsight

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There’s no denying that the 2010s saw some fascinating developments in Big Data.

Predictions are hard – it’s not always easy to say what will happen in the next week, let alone the next year or next decade, writes Ravi Mayuram, SVP of Engineering and CTO, Couchbase.

Hindsight in 2020
Ravi Mayuram

And looking ahead, it’s difficult to grasp just how few people knew what the next ten years would bring in 2010. After all, if you had bet $100 in 2010 that Donald Trump would be President of the U.S.; the U.K. would be preparing to exit the European

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