The Importance of Accounting Comparability

Accounting conventional setters and regulators seek better comparability in economical reporting. In simple fact, U.S.

Accounting conventional setters and regulators seek better comparability in economical reporting. In simple fact, U.S. GAAP has been significantly evolving around the a long time, but accounting requirements are inherently intricate. And, the new changes in U.S. GAAP truly released new analytical worries for investors.

The present requirements deliver accounting chiefs with choice choices (e.g., inventory expense-movement assumptions, depreciation solutions, accounting for derivatives) and a wonderful offer of discretion in their estimations. In addition to the variation in accounting guidelines noticed across field peers, there is also substantial variation in firms’ accounting consistency around time.

Is managers’ obtaining adaptability in their accounting conclusions fantastic? Or, could deviating from field norms and employing atypical accounting choices hurt corporations and professionals? In a forthcoming examine, my colleagues and I uncovered proof suggesting sizeable valuation losses for companies that show minimal accounting comparability vis-à-vis their field peers.

Our estimation strategy is crafted on a extensively utilized benefit relevance design adapted from prior reports. In particular, we estimate a firm’s inventory price tag as a functionality of its earnings, reserve benefit, and accounting comparability.

Making use of a big sample of around 31,000 observations for the interval 1996 to 2015, we estimate that investors put a $5.40 benefit on $one of larger earnings for each share (EPS) described by the normal business. However, this benefit is a lot fewer for companies with minimal accounting comparability.

Particularly, when accounting comparability is minimal, $one of larger described EPS is valued at $four.04. This displays a twenty five% drop in the benefit relevance of earnings as compared with the normal business. Additional exams display that other business properties do not clarify this result.

In distinction, when accounting comparability is superior, investors benefit $one of larger described EPS at $6.76. This finding indicates that CFOs can support boost their firms’ benefit by discouraging the use of atypical accounting choices.

How It Enriches

How does superior accounting comparability contribute to business benefit? Accounting comparability enriches a firm’s facts surroundings by generating it simpler for investors to fully grasp economical statement facts in mild of similar peer facts. In simple fact, prior investigation has proven that companies with larger comparability have better analyst followings and reduced trading prices (as measured by bid-question distribute).

Nonetheless, the valuation rewards of accounting comparability are not unconditional. Basically mimicking peer firms’ observable accounting choices may perhaps not provide about the envisioned rewards. There are other crucial things to consider together with (one) economical reporting transparency (2) the power of interior controls and (3) auditor specialization.

Nonetheless, the valuation rewards of accounting comparability are not unconditional. Basically mimicking peer firms’ observable accounting choices may perhaps not provide about the envisioned rewards.

The lack of transparency in economical reporting impedes the role of accounting comparability in investors’ valuation conclusions. For opaque companies, which persistently report a superior amount of “discretionary” accruals, accounting comparability boosts the benefit relevance of earnings to a scaled-down extent. That is, if investors simply cannot belief the described earnings in the initially put, accounting comparability issues fewer to them for valuation uses.

Accounting comparability is distinct from economical reporting excellent. Just due to the fact a business takes advantage of the same inventory valuation technique as other companies in its field does not necessarily guarantee the excellent of economical reporting for the connected accounts (e.g., expense of merchandise offered). Reporting problems can nevertheless reduced economical reporting excellent.

So, to recognize the rewards of comparability, CFOs want to make certain that their companies have sound interior controls around economical reporting. Our results display that an incidence of interior control material weak point washes out all of the supplemental benefit hooked up to earnings beneath superior accounting comparability.

Ultimately, the auditor alternative also plays an crucial role in how investors respond to earnings described by companies with superior as opposed to minimal accounting comparability. Employing auditors whose clientele primarily incorporates a firm’s nearby peers running in the same field strengthens the positive connection in between the benefit relevance of earnings and accounting comparability.

Why do our findings issue? Lots of companies increase supplemental fairness funding by using observe-on offerings, which frequently garner skepticism from investors. But, when investors put better benefit on earnings as a result of superior accounting comparability, companies can increase fairness funding at more favorable phrases and thereby go away fewer dollars on the table.

Also, a larger valuation of earnings can support boost the benefit of executives’ compensation packages, which frequently include a sizeable fairness part. So, professionals have immediate incentives to guarantee better accounting comparability with field peers.

While our examine focuses on fairness investors’ valuation conclusions, companies trying to get financial debt funding may perhaps also advantage from our conclusions. In simple fact, creditors have been proven to think about borrowing firms’ accounting comparability when generating their lending conclusions.

Accounting comparability is a single of the boosting properties of economical reporting in the United States and around the globe. Nevertheless, it does not look to get adequate attention from economical statement preparers. We encourage CFOs and main accounting officers to evaluation their firms’ accounting guidelines and align them more intently with their field norms. Undertaking so may perhaps yield financial rewards both equally at the business and personalized amount.

Ahmet C. Kurt is an assistant professor of accounting at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.

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